KindergartenOur Kindergarten classes include children from the ages of three and a half to five years. The four terms are designed to teach young children life skills, language acquisition and numeracy competencies essential to a school setting. They are encouraged to explore their own identities, ask questions and problem solve with literacy and numeracy tasks. The children experience a play based program that progressively empowers them and transitions them to enter Prep with confidence. Kindergarten classes participate in excursions throughout terms two to four.

Together, with parents, there is an increased focus on:

  • developing greater independence;
  • daily routines;
  • preparing and packing a healthy lunch;
  • packing and carrying their own school bag;
  • putting on their shoes;
  • eating and drinking without help;
  • going to the toilet on their own;
  • using tissues to blow their nose; and
  • recognising and looking after their belongings.

Compulsory extracurricular units ($80 annual levy):

  • Gross Motor Program (Term 2): This involves ball games and various rotational activities aimed at improving coordination and gross motor function.
  • Library/Computer Program (Term3): This involves regular excursion type visits to the “wider world” of the Genesis Christian College campus. College teaching staff members interact with the children as they complete activities in these different settings.
  • Reading Eggs (Term 3): This is aimed at making learning to read interesting and engaging, including interactive online reading games and activities. The games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards motivate the children to keep exploring and learning.
  • Swimming Program (Term 4): This involves water safety and swimming instruction.