Our architecturally designed Centre supports the curriculum by providing:

  • dramatic play areas;
  • construction areas;
  • Science and nature discovery areas;
  • Art and creative studios;
  • an outdoors environment including natural and purpose built equipment;
  • a library and quiet areas; and
  • eating areas.

The Little Genesis Programming Model has been designed using the Belonging, Being and Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF). Our curriculum reflects the holistic way children learn and grow. It is highly interactive and encourages learning through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things, and the development of an appreciation of the natural environment.

By nurturing and encouraging a child’s natural inquisitiveness through asking questions, problem solving to seek answers, and honing in on their interests, needs and abilities, each child is given the opportunity to flourish.

We recognise that good social emotional wellbeing is paramount to each child’s wellbeing and success, and learning experiences actively encourage empathy, tolerance and respect for others. Other good habits such as patience, perseverance, being independent and giving effort are also explicitly embedded in the curriculum. An environment, such as created at Little Genesis, celebrates each child’s unique and God-given talents and nurtures a sense of self-worth, optimism and general happiness.

Developmentally age appropriate activities include:

  • projects and activities which support early literacy and numeracy skills;
  • discussion and planning about learning through mind mapping;
  • spontaneous experiences;
  • in-depth investigations of topics in which they have shown interest;
  • complex reasoning tasks and situations;
  • working together in partnership;
  • self-selection opportunities;
  • incursions e.g. visiting shows; and
  • excursions e.g. Kindergarten students visiting the Prep classrooms.