Our Early Childhood Team

Our TeamOur team consists of a combination of qualified teachers and support staff. Our staff hold qualifications include Bachelor of Teaching, Diploma and Certificate 3 levels.

Current research supports the correlation between social emotional wellbeing and successful learning especially on latter school performance (Woolfolk Margetts, 2007). Developing quality relationships is a day-to-day focus for all staff as a strong sense of acceptance and belonging in our children sets the foundation for them to flourish. Building a supportive and secure Christian environment also entails recognising the uniqueness of each child in our care and their varied levels of dependency so that learning is maximised.

Professional development opportunities for staff are planned on an annual basis and according to identified needs. Professional learning ensures staff members are knowledgeable in their understanding of compliance requirements, as well as current educational research and trends. Sound pedagogical knowledge enhances the quality of our early childhood programs which are contemporary and targeted to meet the increasing demands of 21st Century learning.